About Us

President: Greg J. Golnick
Executive Vice President: Debbie L. Davis
Vice President: Beverly J. Raposa
Travel Manager: Jody McConnaughay
Partnership Marketing: Paula Johnson
Senior Strategic Associate: Pamela J. Montpelier

Southern Club Checking® was founded in 1992 for the sole purpose of delivering unprecedented value to members exclusively through client financial institution partners. The corporate office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and the company currently serves more than one million members.

Our mission is to help members “Live Better for Less” by delivering extraordinary value and concierge service with each and every member contact! 

Our core values:

Provide the best possible service quality and value to members.
The statement is clear, simple, and straightforward. We make sure that each member of our team fully comprehends its meaning, and that they unconditionally embrace our unique business philosophy. We are committed to excellence, to being the absolute best in the world, we will never settle for mediocrity.

We must be anything but ordinary. We must stand apart from every other service-oriented organization by providing extraordinary service, above and beyond anything our members have ever experienced. We expect our team to “WOW” our members, consistently, each and every time they pick up the phone. Specifically, we require the following:

We must provide the lowest prices and best value on everything we offer. That’s why we’re here! We must “WOW” our members with the best deals and pricing available anywhere. Specifically, we require the following:

Southern Club Checking® has assembled a great team! Our Division Leaders are deeply committed to maintaining our standards of excellence. They are committed to on-going training programs, good coaching, an exceptional motivation and reward system and truly believing as a company that our greatest assets are our clients and members.

We truly hope you and your family will take advantage of all you’re entitled to!



About Us


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